Thursday, January 14, 2010

yes...SHE really likes how we dwell

You know when you were little, just starting'd walk into class, look around and immediately spot someone who "looked" like someone you'd love to be friends with? Well...that's kind of how I felt when I first discovered Christiane of DwellStudio.

I remember walking through Target and stopping in my tracks at the P E R F E C T line of new baby bedding sitting in the aisles. I wasn't prego at the time, nor did I have anyone in need of crib bedding...but I wanted it..I REALLY wanted it. Being the design dork that I am...I got home and googled it and then I really fell in love. I spent about an hour on the site browsing and reading about their story. As time went on...and I got more involved in design myself, I saw DwellStudio products/posts popping up everywhere. They are the bomb.

So, after a couple of years designing for tiny prints , I was SO excited to see that DwellStudio had a line of stationery right along side of mine! woo hoo! This meant we were kind of an online proximity type of way, right?

Fast forward a year and I give birth to my third baby, Parker. My sister gives him this DwellStudio blankie from Target and he is hooked on it...literally hooked. We can't leave home without it. He then gets two DwellStudio board books from Santa (because Santa can't pass up great design either....especially when it's attached to quality literature) and they are now Parker's FAVORITE things to read before bed. I think it's pretty cute and I email Christiane to introduce myself and let her know 1. Parker's love for her amazing designed goodies 2. That I think she is awesome and want to be friends That we are fellow tinyprints designers

DwellStudio writes back...they must have seen Parker's room tour on my blog and asked to feature it on their blog in their "how you dwell" section. So, I was excited...because if the creative peeps at DwellStudio like how you dwell...that means you are really cool (at least to me it does).

click here to see the feature.

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