Thursday, September 10, 2009

thankful thurday : 4

I'm keeping this week's thankful post... short and sweet. It might be better explained if I write a "love letter" of sorts to this particular item in our house that I am SO thankful for.

Here it goes:

Dear Dwell Studio for Target Blue Giraffe Blankie (& similar Elephant Blankie that we use as a backup),

You were given to my youngest son Parker as a gift when he was just a little bean. You wrapped him up and kept him warm through the cold Cleveland and now Chicago winters. You do not match any of his nursery decor...but we would be lost without you!

Parker carries you around with him wherever he the park, to the grocery store, you most recently attended a Chicago Fire soccer game with us, but MOST have the unbelievable ability to put my little monster at ease. As soon as he gets a hold of you and rubs your little corners to his face, he immediately starts sucking his thumb and everything is perfect in his world (and ours). I often wonder what would become of this family if you disappeared. So, on this Thursday, I am thankful for you and your magical baby soothing powers.
Stacy (Parker's mom)

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