Thursday, January 21, 2010

yhl + a peek into finn's modern nursery...

This summer, I was doing a canvas giveaway on one of my favorite "home improvement" blogs called young house love. YHL is a chronicle of two newlyweds (John & Sherry) who fell in love with their first home....their blog walks you through all of their amazing, affordable do-it-yourself improvements. They are a super go-to source for interior design inspiration. After stumbling upon their site last year...I've been hooked. Plus, they are both just so dang cute a lovable...and they are expecting their first human baby (they already have a dog named Burger that's kind of like their first baby)...and I'm just a big fan.

This is them....see what I mean?

Ok. So, on to the point....

When I did the giveaway, a sweet woman named Parker won a canvas print and she chose our modern dots boy design for her baby Finn. She also purchased our modern tricycle art print in red. We had some fun emailing back and forth...she was super excited...I was excited for her...and she promised to send me pictures when Finn's room was "ready".

So...this weekend I got a surprise in my inbox and Parker sent over some great shots of Finn's clean and modern nursery with my prints above his crib. I love how she used the extra large frame and mat for the 8 x 10 print. A very inexpensive way to make a big impact on your walls!

If you are digging Finn's room, here are some of the resources Parker has shared with me:
Crib: Oeuf Sparrow Crib in grey (they have the dresser too and love them both)
Crib sheet: DwellStudio for Target
Green guy: Bop N' Beep:
Monkey: Gymboree monkey
Tennis shoe rug: super clearance at What on Earth (not showing up now...but that's where she got it)

Thanks Parker and Finn...I love the nursery and especially love how my designs look in it!


  1. It looks so great in there! Love it. And thanks so much for the kind words. We're blushing over here!

    Sherry (& John)

  2. I'm glad YHL linked to your post on Twitter, because wow, I love that crib! And I love the baby dots print, so I really might have to hook myself up with that once I have a bean on the way and know what we're going to name it (so really probably not until after it's born). Thanks for posting, and hopefully Parker will read this to see: I love the nursery, it is so simple and clean without being too stark! Really love it.

  3. thanks sherry and peacelovmath! i'm sure parker will read this and be thrilled that you enjoy her fresh nursery design. thanks for checking in...

  4. As an expert on Finn's room, I can tell you it is a really great space! Of course you're only seeing the "clean" side of the room. The other side is wall-to-wall toys that the boy is always experimenting with. Of course he's a genius.
    Finn's grandmother