Wednesday, September 2, 2009

tweet tweet twitter : you got me.

My sister and I went to this great networking event last night hosted by the bump. It was really nice to meet other business owners in the Chicago area who are all marketing to mommies. It was held downtown at The Catalyst Ranch.(This meeting space/loft is amazing and another story in itself).

Anyhow...I met this bubbly little lady named Lisa who designs and sells these great day planners for mom/baby. We got to talking about the whole social media "thing" and she single handedly conviced me to start twittering. I have been avoiding this like the plague...but I guess it's time I give in! I mean if your favorite mom/pop pizza joint can twitter...there's really no excuse for us not to!

So, head on over to my twitter page and won't you please follow me? (I currently look extremely lame with my ONE following friend... the girl got me into this mess) I decided to make my twitter name "designfiles". Why you ask? Well....although name your design is my newest business venture baby...I actually have 3 separate businesses that I own and I wanted to chronicle all of my design adventures in one spot. If you've been reading my blog you know that I also run a custom design studio as well as designing an exclusive brand of stationery for the tinyprints family of sites., I have to go and figure out how the heck to use this thing....tweet, tweet!

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