Thursday, September 3, 2009

thankful thursday : 3

It's been one hell of a day...well,week actually. I REFUSE to complain about how busy I am because I am so thankful to have so much work to do. More importantly, work that I LOVE and am able to do from home with my children close by. However, there is something to say about trying to actually DO the work when your babies are at home(and awake...running around the house, taking drawers out and using them as ladders to climb up to the counter, coloring on the walls, raiding the pantry, etc., etc.)...and this is just my 1 1/2 year old! Parker Hayes is a walking tornado....he WILL destroy anything in his path.

I had a bit of a "melt down" yesterday...yes, we've all had them...the crying and spazzing at your husband b/c there's so much to do and only one of you to do it and how you wish you could clone yourself or better yet, lock yourself in a closet with your laptop and no distractions FOR JUST ONE DAY to get caught up on everything on your list.

Yes...that was me...until me husband gently reminded me that we moved back to Chicago to be close to our families (especially my sisters).....and, "after all...they love our kids as much as we do so why don't you call them and ask for some help?"

So, I got on the phone and called. It only took ONE call and I was able to ship Parker off for the day to play at Lindsay's house with little JackJack. If not Lindsay..I could have tried Brooke, Beth, Lindsay, Kiley OR my favorite sister-in- law Carlisa. You see, I was blessed to grow up in a family of all women (except for my dad). I am the oldest of FIVE girls and my life is so fulfilled because of it.

So, on this Thursday...I am SO thankful for my sisters. We have a lot of fun together AND we've got eachother's great is that?

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