Thursday, September 17, 2009

thankful thursday : 5

I am busy. I think I say this every week, but guess what....I REALLY am busy! I tend to lose my patience a bit more than usual when I'm this busy. I get easily annoyed with the boys, my husband can't stand me at times, etc. etc. I don't take a lot of time to focus on "me"...I mean, what mom really does? However, there is ONE thing that I do for myself that helps me to keep my sanity during somewhat insane days....and that is E X E R C I S E. I enrolled in "boot camp" at my gym this week. It is a 12 week class to kick your butt into shape.

I am feeling the effects of it already...LITERALLY, feeling it. My legs feel twice their weight and it was hard to walk up and down stairs for a few days. It sounds crazy..but I love it. I love the feeling you get after finishing a workout that seems impossible. It reminds me of my college soccer days, waking up at 5 am for similar workouts....hated waking up that early but always so thankful for starting my day with such an accomplishment.

So, this week, I am especially thankful for my health and physical well-being and my DRIVE to continue "working" on myself. Although I will always be a work in progress ...all in all, I am blessed to have a body strong enough to carry me through.

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  1. Beautiful boys!! I only have one but I'm sure its alot of fun with 3! I love, love their smiles. So handsome :)