Tuesday, September 22, 2009

it appears that we are CRAVEable!

There is an organization that I've recently fallen in love with and I found them via twitter. For those of you small business owners reluctant to join team twitter, get over it! I have already seen the benefits in the two short weeks that I've been tweeting or twittering, or whatever you call it!

So, back to my point...I've recently fallen in love with CRAVE. Crave is a multifaceted organization that offers three diverse and helpful resources for professional women and small business owners in the Chicago area (in addition to other key cities across the country SanFrancisco, Boston, Atlanta, Portland, etc.)
The three main components to CRAVE are below:

I went to a CRAVEbusiness coffee chat last week outlining some helpful social media tips for small business owners and met some super women...one of them being Michele Kravetz from CRAVEchicago. We got to talking about the FIRST Chicago Edition of the CRAVEguide. After a few conversations, mixed with a little luck on my part, I was offered a spot in their book. The CRAVEguide "celebrates stylish entrepreneurs by showcasing the most creative, interesting and gutsiest proprietors from cities all over the world. This fall CRAVEchicago will launch it's own guide: The Urban Girl’s Manifesto, a unique and stylish guidebook for Chicago living complete with real-life examples of amazing women around the City who will help satisfy your next craving."

So, OH MY GOSH...am I excited. This is such an honor for me and I hope it will help get a lot of exposure to name your design for Brooke and I! woo hoo!

Here is a sneak peek into the guide at my layout in the book. The books will be in circulation for two years starting this Fall and available to purchase through Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles and other hot spots around the Chi!


  1. This is awesome...Congratulations!!!

  2. thanks Stacey! I am so excited about it.
    p.s. great name :)