Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new in my kitchen...

I love a great tea towel...does that make me strange? I especially love them for MY kitchen because I like to keep things simple with little pops of color...great tea towels are just the thing to give my kitchen a little "spice" if you will.

I mean, have you ever noticed that really cool, modern, affordable tea towels are hard to find?

When we were "rebuilding" our kitchen from scratch...I had a picture of these great tea towels from in our "idea binder".

They are simple, clean, modern...exactly my style and they are fairly affordable at $10 each. However, I am officially a cheap skate...and the queen of stretching the mighty dollar.

So, during one of my hundred trips to ikea (it's 6 miles away from me), I picked up two yards of this fabric. Luckily, my mom can sew her tooshie off! So, I asked her nicely to please make as many tea towels as she could and I ended up with 6 towels for the amazing price of $16! I'm going to go back for a few more fabric patterns to mix it up a bit...but we are off to a great start with our new stock of tea towels! Wooo hoooo....thanks Mom! You made my day.

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