Tuesday, October 26, 2010

wall art finds a home

hi there name your design readers! i'm alison and i am a new contributor to this fabulous blog.  i have known stacy for years and also work with her.  i'm so excited to be here, and to kick things off, let's play a fun game!

which room would this name your design wall art look best in?
forest of love-aloe
{how cute is that engraved trunk with initials of your choice}

#1 this eclectic space has the color story and it could use a dose of modern thrown in for good measure.

#2 how inspiring would this office space be with it layered to the side of the framed photo or lamp? decor pad

#3  and this beaut...lip smackin deelish.  wouldn't the artwork add that unexpected element

#4 cute space and maybe we'll just put it on the opposite wall where there's not so much going on with the wallpaper and all.
so, what do you think, which room is your favorite home for forest of love?

if you'd like to see more of me, stop by life in the semi-fab lane.  until next time, have a great day!!


  1. My favorite is definitely the #3 Lonny Mag picture. I love that room! Yellow is my new favorite pop color and I adore that print. Glad I bumped into you.


  2. I definitely choose #3 as well. That print will POP on those white walls! I think the room could use another accent color, and the blue on the print would be perfect.

  3. I love the title forest of LOVE. I love that print of forest of love-aloe I could use that in my fam. room. my fav. is the prints on the pillows WOW loving it.

  4. All i could think about is what room in MY house it would look good in! I decided I would have to get the orange one as my living room is in grey blue and dark orange. So gorgeous, thanks for sharing!!!

  5. thanks for the comments ladies! I have to agree with #3 as well...I L O V E that room, so simple, clean and crisp. I think our print would look super in there. Great post Alison!