Thursday, October 21, 2010

my personal paparazzi pics (not kidding...real celebs)

I haven't had any time to do this, but I MADE some time this morning (mostly because my friends and family were driving me nuts about wanting to see these). So, when I went to Vegas for the ABC Kids Show, one of the reasons for my trip was to attend the Itzy Ritzy and Yum! brands (celebrity filled) fundraiser for World Hunger Relief. My sister and I attended this fab night out hosted at Eva Longoria Parker's nightclub, Eve.

Just a little side note: Itzy Ritzy’s Snack Happened bags (pictured below) support the World Hunger Relief and the World Food Program. The bags (which happen to be covered in my fabric designs), are available for purchase on the From Hunger to Hope website and come in packs of two for $20. Proceeds from each bag go toward feeding 40 hungry children across the go and buy some today!

Ok, so on to the paparazzi pics that I took myself (using my fool proof method of "holding the camera up above me and shooting the pic)

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  1. love these photos & your hilarious captions!!!