Wednesday, October 13, 2010

name your design + itzy ritzy = awesomeness

I just returned from the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas. I went to support my friends/partners at Itzy Ritzy, as well as scope out the show for some possible future endeavors of mine. I had a great time...met lots of my "internet/business/twitter" friends, a few sweet celebrities and did some fun networking. (more info and some great pics about this in another post)

This post is solely to formally "introduce" all of you to my fabric designs that cover some of Itzy Ritzy's beautiful products. I'm sure MOST of you with young children are familiar with Itzy Ritzy and their "covers" for all things baby (car seats, highchairs, nursing, strollers, etc.). However, one of MY favorite products are their snack and wet bags. I honestly use at least 3-4 of the re-usable snack bags every day. So, what are they for? Close your eyes and think of anything you throw in a Ziploc baggie for your kids or yourself(snacks, crayons, baby wipes, binkies, money, makeup, etc.). The washable snack bags are the "green" alternative to the Ziploc bag. All you do is rinse them out and let them air dry and they are ready to roll again. Wet bags- same deal. Only these are bigger and can be used for anything wet you want to keep isolated (swimsuits, wet clothes, toiletries that could spill while packing, etc.).

As soon as I met Kelly and Brian (husband + wife owners), I liked them. I mean, really, really liked them. Once I started working with them....I liked them even more. They are great people, with a great product line...and as I've said before, I like doing good work, for good people.

p.s. I may be biased, but I think they had the BEST booth on the entire first floor of the show. Take a look at this beauty!


  1. Thanks for the love, Stacy! We're so happy you were able to hang out with us in Vegas to see the show. Your designs were such a hit with everyone who stopped by our booth!
    Itzy Ritzy

  2. It was a lot of fun, great to meet you after the event. I wish I knew you were out of Naperville - I grew up in Wilmette! I lived in the city for 6 years before moving to Vegas - and miss Chicago so much!
    I am now RSSd to your blog! Love your designs!
    Family and Life in Las Vegas

  3. So great to meet you and share some laughs after the event! Loving the urban jungle snack happened bags. Everyone at lunch loves them too. So excited to see more of your designs!