Thursday, October 14, 2010

a celebrity baby birthday party and me.

I was contacted by a celebrity event coordinator last month (side note: I made this connection via twitter...seriously, I've made SO many great connections on twitter. If you run a business...I would say it is essential to your growth). Ok, back to the party. The party planner wanted me to put together a custom birthday invitation and other pretty paper things for the birthday party of Josselyn Harris....the 3 year old daugther of Samantha Harris. I got a rundown of the "theme", which was a "sophisticated + elegant fairy princess party". I threw together a design as the first draft (thinking I'd probably be asked to make some changes), and Samantha loved it! yay! Here's an image of it below:

Here's a picture of all the party paper things before I sent them off to be displayed at the party:

I also sent my personalized, modern dots placemats for all the celebrity guests' children. Now, here was the FUN part....seeing pics from the party on! Here are some of my favorites below:

two images above via


  1. Sooo proud of you Stacy!!! To say that you are one of my bestfriends is truly a honor... you are doing your thing ma'am!!! <3 u just the way you are honey. **mauh**