Friday, July 3, 2009

tinyprints and frecklebox

Hi all....Stacy many of you know, I am the designer behind all the artwork in our collection. I JUST had a reader email me because she was so excited/surprised that my designs are also available on tinyprints....and it occurred to me that I've never really mentioned that before! So...if you are digging the designs on our wall will also enjoy my stationery line le papier boutique that is sold exclusively through tinyprints and their sister site wedding paper divas.

In addition to this....I actually wrote and illustrated a children's book on! Being a former kindergarten teacher...this was SO MUCH FUN to see my words and illustrations in an actual hard cover book! It's written for the first child that's getting ready to become a big/brother or's meant to help your child feel special and included in the process....always remembering that even though a new baby is coming "nobody can ever, ever take the place of you". You can personalize the book with your child's name. To view the entire book, click here.

From time to time I get special discounts and coupons for both of these sites so I'll be sure to pass them along when I do!

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