Thursday, July 2, 2009

going "green" with sprout home

My husband and I were downtown (Chicago) a few weekends ago and we made a pit stop at sprout home. We were looking for some modern plant life for our home....

you see, we tried the local nurseries and garden shops around our home and when we asked them to show us some "modern and unique" house plants...they looked at us kind of funny. I don't that a silly question?? I mean, some plants just make you want to go over and touch them to see if they are real...and that's what we wanted!

So, as soon as we walked into this modern plant palace I knew we'd find JUST what we wanted. I mean their philosophy is as plain as day on the front of their homepage "Sprout Home believes that a modern aesthetic can live in the home and also in the garden..."

We picked up a few gems for our favorite being these freak of nature "air plants" or tillandsias. You can read more about them here...but they are MY kind of soil needed! They live off the moisture in the air and look super in our house. We also picked up a lipstick plant...the leaves look like they are woven together...have you ever seen anything like this?

These are sitting on our counter that opens from the kitchen to the great room.

A closeup of the lipstick plant leaves.

A set of three little air plants in vases from ikea..on one of our kitchen counters.

sprout home has two locations : Chicago and Brooklyn.....if you're ever in the area, check them out.

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  1. Go Air Plants, they are so fun and easy. The flowers on the lipstick rasta plant will be a treat for you.