Friday, March 13, 2009

what's black and white and a little bit red?

My youngest son, Parker Hayes, turned one several weeks ago...

Out of all my children, Parker (by far) has the most pronounced personality for someone his age. He was walking at 10 months, running by 12 months...and eating us out of house and home since we can remember. He is spunky, happy and determined.... and we are all in love with him.

We love him dearly despite is ever changing see...there's no "middle" ground with baby Parker. He is either smiling, laughing and happy OR extremely ticked off. Luckily, we get the smiley, happy, sweet Parker 95% of the time..... but, believe take too long to get his lunch on his high chair or his bottle before his nap....and you WILL BE SORRY!

Someone with THIS much personality deserved a special room....and a special room is what we gave him.

One of the things that makes his room so special is his old school jenny lind has been through three infancies with my boys and it was the starting point for the room. The next item I purchased was the barnslig park duvet cover from ikea. I LOVED the clean, modern feel of the black graphic animals with the little pops of red....this really got my creative juices flowing.

The chest of drawers and twin bed were "hand me downs" from my middle son, Kwaku. We purchased them at Ikea three years ago and they are still holding up great. I found this ginormous(made up word) "P" made out of cardboard at Michael's craft store. I had my 5 year old paint it red and we hung it on one little nail above the bed. The black frames were on sale at Target and filled with black and white photos of Parker and his many funny faces.

We bought these great alphabet zoo wall stickers from and finally....the room was "polished off" with our stacked digits set in black available on our site...check them out!

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