Tuesday, March 24, 2009

how do you do that?

So, alot of people who see my work ask me...."how do you come up with ideas for your designs?" Ideas are EVERYWHERE...from the displays at Target to the patterns on my sons pajamas..I am constantly drawn to colors and patterns.

One of my MOST FAVORITE things to do is create custom designs for people. It forces me to put aside some time to just brainstorm and design. I just finished working with a lovely woman who wanted two prints for above her daughter's bed. She was amazing to work with because she left all ideas up to me(quite a compliment)! All I asked is that she send me some pieces of inspiration to go off of so I knew her color scheme and overall theme. So, for her project I knew that:
1.She chose the ultrachic dragonfly bedding from DwellStudio .
2. Her walls were "tan".

all photos were taken from dwellstudio.com

With that information I was able to generate two sets of proofs for her to look at. With a little bit of tweaking we were able to come up with the perfect compliment to her room! I am hoping she will send photos when they are finally hung in the room. I don't want to spoil it so I'm not posting the set that she chose....but the runner up (our zooanimals set)
is below and was just added to our site today! I LOVE how it came out. I am working on alternate color schemes now...please share if you have any colors you'd like to see these in!

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