Monday, January 26, 2009

our version of "cribs"...

So, we must have the greatest customers ever! I mean, honestly, they are so sweet and gracious and thankful and that makes us LOVE what we do! One of our recent custom orders was for a young and swanky couples' first born son. They were happy with the end result....very happy, so happy that she took the time to write us an email AND send pictures! What new mommy has time to do that??? She is a superstar and we are SO happy that she's SO happy.....and I quote " I have gotten lots of compliments on the artwork and referred everyone to your site, we really appreciate the extra time you put in for us, the end result is fabulous."

What an honor to be asked to design something for this lucky little boy!

The mom and dad...we'll call them Niccole and Jay (because those are their names)...wanted a set of three custom animal silhouettes. But they wanted some cool, funky, modern, completely unique silhouettes....and that's where we came in. Take a look at these photos provided courtesy of the proud mommy and daddy. I think we nailed it! I love, love, love the nursery...super chic.

Thanks Niccole and Jay, for letting us be a part of this amazing nursery.

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