Tuesday, November 30, 2010

stacy's modern thanksgiving table featured on dwell studio!

I hosted Thanksgiving this year and even though I was working until late on Wednesday night, I managed to throw together a great day with my amazing family (14 adults and 10 kiddos to be exact).  One of my "favorite" tasks was setting the dining room table!  I headed to Hobby Lobby with the intent of spending NO MORE than $50 on a modern table scape.  Mission accomplished. 

You know the BEST part of this?? I entered my pictures into dwell studio's modern thanksgiving table contest and I made the top five! Woo hoo! Please head on over and cast your vote for your favorite......
Of course, we would NEVER want to persuade you to pick ours, but we REALLY hope you'll like it the best! Please go here to cast your vote!


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  2. Love it Stacy!!! So proud of my girlfriend. <3