Friday, October 1, 2010

seven years ago today.......

I love October. I love it for many reasons, but one of the BEST reasons is that my sweet baby boy, Tyson Kwaku was born on a beautiful Wednesday morning at 10:13 (7 years ago today). Who cares that he was born on Wednesday?...well, it actually has some significance to his middle name. You see, my husband's family is from Ghana, and in their culture, there is a special name given to children based on the day of the week that they are born. For my little is Kwaku, because Wednesday= Kwaku (for boys).

tyson kwaku...just hours after he was born

I get all filled up with tears when I think about this kiddo because he is super special. So, in the spirit of 7, here are a few fun facts about my Kwaku (we actually call him by his middle name at home).

1. When he was a baby, he used to fall asleep by rubbing my ears, or my husbands....or basically any ear he could get his hands on.

2. When he was about two, the ONLY thing he would wear are his basketball shorts. If the occasion wasn't appropriate for basketball shorts, he wore them underneath his dress pants.

3. When we had Parker, his baby brother, he walked in to the hospital room and when he saw
Parker for the first time, he burst into tears. (he said because he was "happy" but also because he "wasn't the littlest one anymore"). talk about a tearjerker.
4. He is my middle child and often tells me how "hard" it is to be a big brother because it's so much responsa-sill-it-y.

5. He is fast, very fast. So fast, that he wanted his nickname to be "the jet" on the back of his football jersey.

6. He always tells me that "I'm perfect just the way I am"...I mean, who doesn't need to hear that every once in a while!

7. He is the infomercial KING! I mean, if anyone is looking for an easy sell....present your stuff in an infomercial and Tyson will be all over it!

I love you my sweet, sweet boy and am so proud of you! Happy 7th Birthday!


  1. awww so sweet Stacy!!! Love you and love that young man... Shout to Tyson!!!

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! He is one damn handsome well actually beautiful 7 year old boy. I was almost crying and laughing at the same time while reading what you'd written.