Monday, April 19, 2010

april showers bring may flowers....

If this saying is true "April showers bring May flowers"...and if showers = work and flowers = payoff, then I'm going to have the best May ever!

I wish today was the day that I was posting about my NEWLY DESIGNED SITE going live...with all it's fancy new bells and whistles, awesome new product additions, beautiful layout, etc. However, I'm still NOT done adding products and finding/eliminating glitches. I swear...if you are planning on a complete site prepared to work and work and work on getting that bad boy up and functioning properly. If all continues to go well...May 1st is my scheduled date to hit "publish" and introduce the new and improved name your design to the world.

On top of the site overhaul, I've been B U S Y creating(love it)lots of fun paper and fabric designs for my "partners", both tinyprints and itzyritzy. I've had a bunch of new designs go live on tinyprints over the past few weeks as well as their sister site, weddingpaperdivas. I've pasted some of my favorite new designs below.

I've had a recent surge of appointments in my little paper studio for custom wedding invitations and have had a blast working with these sweet brides-to-be on all the paper goodies for their weddings. I've attached a photo of my studio work table (after an appointment this weekend) along with several recently completed projects. My crazy schedule only allows for 1-2 bridal customers a month...but it's a refreshing break from my otherwise "systematic" schedule of designing and filling orders.

I'll keep you all posted on the new site launch! If you haven't signed up already, you may want to subscribe to my mailing list as I'm going to have a lot of fun giveaways and special promotions to celebrate my new "grand opening". You can go here to sign up (for now).

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  1. stacy-i love the sampling of new designs you just posted! my fav: for tiny prints-we filled the nest. so cute and original for a birth announcement!