Thursday, October 15, 2009

thankful thursday : 7

October is a busy month in the Amoo-Mensah household. We have so many things to celebrate and be thankful for!

1. On October 1st, my beautiful baby boy, Tyson Kwaku, was born. He is the best and now he is six! wooo hoo!

2. On October 10th my best friend, Perry, was born. This is the 15th birthday that we've celebrated together. I am so lucky to have found my perfect match.....

3. Speaking of perfect matches...On October 12th...Perry and I were married. I love him and I love the life we have built together.

I am truly blessed and so thankful for all the love that I receive from my husband AND my children. They are my reason, my motivation and my strength. I'm thankful for the little celebrations that life brings us in the form of birthdays and anniversaries... so we can take the time to really celebrate the important people in our lives.

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