Tuesday, June 2, 2009

rock a bye baby......

photo courtesy of modernseed.com
I had a few extra hours today (did I actually just say that???). So, I got to actually create some new designs that I've been "dreaming" of lately. When I say dreaming...I LITERALLY mean dream. You see, when you are a designer, you are constantly hit with new ideas in the strangest places. Mine happen most often as I"m running or sleeping. So, I've learned to keep a notebook close by me at all times so I can jot down or quickly sketch my idea before it fades

The eames rocker has been on my "want not need" list since my son was born last year. I've really been trying hard to fight off the temptation of purchasing this $450.00 beauty...really, I have. You could say I have a small obsession with owning this fine piece of furniture. With that said, this little gem usually shows up in my dreams in it's "actual" form....until last night....I had a "design dream" about this chair on one of my canvas prints...I mean, if I can't own the actual chair...I can at least help someone else own a really great illustration of it, right???

So, here it is....my version of the modern rocker. It is simple and sweet and it helps to satisfy my craving for the real thing...for now.

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