Friday, June 12, 2009

giveaway winners announced...............

Thank you to all of you who subscribed to our blog and/or commented!

While we wish we could give away something to ALL of you darlings who subscribed and/or commented...we are sticking to three this time. We picked the winners the old-fashioned way ( I had my boys each give me a random number...and presto...we had our winners).

So, would : JEN FROM THE STATIONERY BOUTIQUE, AMELIA D. WHO SUBSCRIBED THROUGH GOOGLE, AND KATHLEEN W. FROM KATYDIDANDKID.BLOGSPOT...please email me at to give me your print of choice, personalization and mailing address!


  1. Oh my gosh! I actually won something! Thank you guys. :) I will contact you shortly...

  2. Oh wow! I hope I'm not too late in responding! I'm going to email you to check, but no problem if I didn't check back in time. You still have gorgeous artwork.